1/25/2014 - Site moved to XRZ87, with Board added for community collaboration.

OF Project originally started out as an extension of, focused on the 3 consoles that it covers. However now the site covers PC and all other consoles as well with regards to preservation. The software section will evolve over time to include a wide range of tools.
8/27/2011 - FAQ Question Added, vash32 asks about Bomberman Online's server input option
12/1/2010 - versions 1.1 released for TAA Master List and AADS Injector

Both apps upgraded to 1.1 and re-released. Technically the same as the original releases, but we had accidently pushed out potential debug code in the initial 1.0 versions. These are now fixed and each app should be in a working state.
10/1/2010 - Master List and AADS Injector released for TribesAA

The Tribes Aerial Assault master list application has been released to the public after months of beta testing. We will continue to allow public access to OC's master list hosted on a dedicated IP, but now the software is also in your hands for the future preservation of TribesAA. It is released as open source under GNUv3.

Also, an injector application has been released for modifying the exe for AADS (Aerial Assault Dedicated Server) to point to any master list. Instead of having to HEX edit the values, you can now use this application for easy redirection.
9/26/2010 - FAQ Question Added, Logan M. asks about DNAS authentication on PS2
9/3/2010 - FAQ Question Added, Luso_Dreamcaster asks about restoring DC servers
8/18/2010 - OF Project officially launches

After years of thought and careful planning, the OF Project page is finally online.