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A full list of games running in native 240p resolution on home consoles.
Need to find Saturn Shooters that support TATE mode?
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PORT-FX! is an information resource and documentation site collecting information on home console ports of arcade games. The scope of this site tries to stay focused on consoles that were powerful enough to render a near arcade perfect port of the arcade original. Thus, 8bit and 16bit systems are omitted. If you are big on 2D fighters and shooters on the Saturn/Playstation, then this is a great resource to narrow down which version of a game to buy.


5/1/2012 - 240p modes chart updated with many more entries.
2/25/2012 - Started Research on DOA2, but I think the XB version needs to be added to this.
1/22/2012 - Added info on DonPachi differences


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